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I'm Sura a Web developer, artist freelancer and activist


I have been very fortunate to work with passionate individuals who are starting their own businessed, customers with small businesses, freelancers and people who like to have personal websites like resumes. I have helped people with ideas to turn their them into reality!


Designing and developing websites. You don’t need to worry about how your website look in other devices, I’m specialized in mobile friendly websites. Estimation: each project has its own character. So I set my estimate based on what your goal is. Roughly one pager brochure website's design and development is £500. E-commerce website is roughly £1000 and a bove.


You might need to ask a question, or need recommendation on where to start, what platform to use, or you might need to ask questions about the web. I'm here to help you answering questions. My consultation fees are £50 with that you get a report answering your question. I'm not a guru if I don't answer your question I don't charge.


Tidying up your website, Adding/deleting pages, adding translation or any language, Updating content..etc


You can contact me if you need a brand that reflects your story (logo design), SEO Search engine optimization to enhance your website ranking, Adding google ads, Email newsletter, Accessibility semantic (ensuring users with assistive devices can easily use your website).

sura creativity logo house


HTML, CSS, responsive design, Javascript and AJAX, Project management.


Pencil and paper, watercolor or acrylics paints, Photoshop, Gimp, inkscape, Atom, Sublime, webstorm, serge, Github

I'm bi-lingual I speak fluently English and Arabic.

I would love to hear from you if you need any of my servies. Let’s get in touch

If you need any other task that wasn't listed get in touch with me at sk@sura.me and I'm happy to work it out with you or guide you to some one who might be able to help you.

A Heart Warming Quote for you every time you visit:

"The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams." ~Oprah Winfrey


Education and Career

Hi my name is Sura. I’m a front-end developer. My passion for art and technology have defined my career and education goals. I obtained a degree in Computer Science. One of the reasons I like technology is because it connects and enables people to share their ideas instantly. However, as much as I value technology I don't rely completely on it. I prefer face to face interactions.

You can learn more about my porfessional profile on Linkedin

My Passion for Art

I’m a self taught artist. In my spare time I love to paint and draw. I have been enjoying exploring art since the age of 5. I still remember as a child the joy I felt to see people paint with colors, it distracted me from the hardship of undergoing war and civil unrest when I lived in Iraq. I like to paint about my dreams, my emotions and I encourage everyone to do it, to try and explore the artist in you.
Let life inspire you.

You can explore my facebook page Follow Your Passion

Volunteer Work

I’m a passionate individual and I am a committed to making positive impact on the community through voluntary work. Besides pursuing my career in technology, I have enjoyed volunteering with different NGO's such as United Nations, Salvation Army, World Food Program and recently Sick Kids. I also enjoy running for a cause like the Terry Fox Marathon for cancer research.


14 enjoy mural painting - sura karnawi painting room mural for baby paint
mural painting for babys room rabbits monkey elephant blue yellow color painting by Sura karnawi
mural painting for babys room rabbits monkey elephant blue yellow color painting by Sura karnawi
comfort pregnant woman iraqi painting acrylics on canvas by Sura karnawi
worries thoughts worried woman Iraqi painting by Sura Karnawi
Liverpool 3 Graces and Mersey ferry acrlic painting by Sura Karnawi
beautiful peacock watercolor painting by Sura karnawi
image of Canada fall
beautiful ishtar drawing - iraq artifacts - acrylics on cnvas by sura karnawi
beautiful cat drawing - sura karnawi
art battle competetion - live competetion sura karnawi
Canada fall - watercolor painting by sura karnawi
confusion acrylics on canvas painting by sura karnawi
emotions painting acrylics on canvas - sura karnawi
flower girl drawing by sura karnawi
winged bull drawing by sura karnawi
nature painting acrylics on canvas

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