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I'm Sura a software engineer, artist and activist

Hi my name is Sura. My passion for art, technology and human rights have defined my career and education goals and daily decision making. I would like to influence the design and engineering industry and shift culture so we have more parents, women, diversity and hopefully it can be more inclusive. Living and working in middle east, north America and Europe, all over the world has taught me many valuable lessons including being very adaptive, compassionate and resilient. I have also learnt to always bring up the best in others and make the best out of circumstances to meet an end goal.

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mural painting for babys room rabbits monkey elephant blue yellow color painting by Sura karnawi
mural painting for babys room rabbits monkey elephant blue yellow color painting by Sura karnawi
comfort pregnant woman iraqi painting acrylics on canvas by Sura karnawi
worries thoughts worried woman Iraqi painting by Sura Karnawi
Liverpool 3 Graces and Mersey ferry acrlic painting by Sura Karnawi
beautiful peacock watercolor painting by Sura karnawi
image of Canada fall
beautiful ishtar drawing - iraq artifacts - acrylics on cnvas by sura karnawi
beautiful cat drawing - sura karnawi
art battle competetion - live competetion sura karnawi
Canada fall - watercolor painting by sura karnawi
confusion acrylics on canvas painting by sura karnawi
emotions painting acrylics on canvas - sura karnawi
flower girl drawing by sura karnawi
winged bull drawing by sura karnawi
nature painting acrylics on canvas

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